Wednesday, February 11, 2009

10 Simple Beauty Tips

It is simple to look and feel more beautiful starting today. Plus - these tips are free.

1. Smile... it will brighten your day and others around you.

2. Stretch...Simple stretching will do, starts with roll up slowly out of bed and stretch gently.

3. Exercise... at least 20 mins of any continuous activity will boost your energy level and reduce bad stressors. You will look and feel better.

4. Drink plain water. Clear your system. 8 glasses are recommended daily. Your skin will radiate.

5. Rest... you need to take breaks during the day and sleep at night. Make sure you are getting sufficient sleep at night since your body regenerates while you are sleeping. If you are constantly letting your mind wonder make a conscious decision to put away thoughts till morning.

6. Do good. When you do something for someone else without expecting anything in return you benefit in ways unimaginable.

7. Exchange...twist from junk food to food that will enrich your body and soul.

8. Look for good in everything. This is a toughie because most of us are "trained" to look for faults, errors, shortcomings, defects, etc. List all your assets, then realize all the good in being you. Move on to other things around you. Work on this consciously every day till it becomes a habit. There is something good about everything and everyone.

9. Learn... something new every day. Pick up a book or search online. Learn to do something you have always wanted to do. Search a subject and start stimulating and enriching your mind today.

10. Reward yourself. Set financial and personal goals and tag them with rewards for accomplishing them.

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